May 8th - 10th, 2020


{Re}connect to your authentic self


Join Leah Grace and Micah McLaughlin for a weekend long embodied breathwork retreat near the beautiful coast of Lake Michigan. This incredible time will bring together a community of people dedicated to conscious healing, self-discovery, and internal transformation.


Breathwork ceremonies, somatic exercises, self reflection, laughter, and rest will be the foundation of your weekend. A delicious and nourishing menu will be created & prepared by organic chef, Echo Moorthy. Space is limited, so reserve your spot now!




Retreat Dates:  Friday, May 8 to Sunday, May 10


Check In:  4pm Friday, May 8


Departure:  2pm Sunday, May 10


All Inclusive Cost:  $489


Location: Into the Woods Retreat Center

7178 Butternut Drive, West Olive, MI 49460


Questions: Please email:

"Profound is the word I choose to describe the breathwork retreat. I found pieces of myself that have been deeply missing.  I have no idea who I am becoming as a result of this weekend retreat, but I know my inner warrior has been brought forward and her light is ready to shine.  Thank you for helping me find me!"

Dear Leah,


I hope my words can convey how the breathwork retreat has helped me. At times I cry thinking about moments during the retreat, how gentle, healing and yet profound the facilitation and breathwork can be. For me I have been holding so much anger and hurt inside and realized I needed permission to go deep into it. In that depth, you helped me find my inner warrior goddess. I needed YOU to help me realize she was already inside of me and had been locked away. I feel like more women need this opportunity to find their warrior, to let her out.  I want people to know what you are doing is so fucking amazing!!! Also, I NEED more of this breathwork!!!

Laura D Franco

Embrace the Heart

What is breathwork?


Embodied breathwork encourages you to dismantle your habitual survival patterns you relied on in childhood.  When you release these subconscious patterns of protection, you free yourself from underlying restrictions in your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual life. Breathwork supports the integration of your past traumas and resets the nervous system. This allows you to experience a feeling of embodiment and well-being. Through harmonizing the nervous system, you start to experience your life less colored by past traumas and survival strategies, and more rooted in the present moment.


In breathwork ceremonies, we utilize circular breathing to access non-ordinary states of consciousness in order to shift our perceptions, release traumas & dissolve compulsive patterns. You will be supported in a sacred space as you use your breath to expand your awareness, open your energy centers, move through areas that feel "stuck" or "blocked" and connect to your innermost self.


Identifying if this retreat is right for you: 

  • Have you tried several therapies with minimal results?

  • Are you constantly stressed out and/or exhausted?

  • Are you longing to shift destructive patterns?

  • Do you feel compelled to experience a deep transformation that may give you a more powerful, less restricted, and lighter way of living?

  • Are you being pulled to find your fire or spark within your soul?

  • Are you ready to wake up to the ways in which you perpetuate your own story of suffering?

I developed PTSD as a result of being emotionally and psychologically abused by an extremely mentally ill mother. In my mid 40s, the stress became so severe that I completely collapsed both physically and emotionally. I could barely function and spent my days lying on the floor, shaking, exhausted, debilitated, and praying that I would not die. 


For 5 years, I did everything possible to regain my health. Things improved, but I was still only at about 30 percent on a good day. In just a few sessions of the breathwork with Micah I felt a significant increase in my energy, stamina, and nervous system resilience. The progress that I’ve made utilizing breathwork techniques has been absolutely amazing, and I truly believe that this therapy is essential for anyone who is dealing with trauma related health issues of any kind. 

-Mary Boelkins

Leah Grace is a psychospiritual and somatic therapist for conscious entrepreneurs and leaders. After 19+ years working with clients, her mission is to alleviate the suffering caused by being held back from actualizing our potential. She is the creator of the Soul Aligned Leadership programs. Leah combines strategic coaching, neuroscience, breath and somatic work into one program to facilitate transformation and reveal a whole new way of living and leading – in alignment with your true self.

Micah McLaughlin is a psychospiritual and somatic bodywork practitioner. He utilizes breathwork, dialogue, and somatic therapies to assist individuals in finding their way back to full embodiment and presence. By working to integrate childhood beliefs and behaviors, developmental traumas, and shock traumas, Micah supports individuals as they learn to feel again. This makes it possible to build a life filled with safety, meaning, and purpose; a life not dictated by past beliefs and habitual patterns, but one in the here and now--fully present to the unfolding beauty of each moment.

Please note the contraindications to breathwork:

Pregnancy, severe asthma, severe heart disease, unmedicated high blood pressure, mental illness, epilepsy and/or history of seizures, acute physical injuries, severe or unregulated diabetes 

*If you are not sure if breathwork is right for you, please reach out to us for a conversation. 


*Everything shared during the sessions and throughout the weekend is confidential. 


*No photos will be taken without participants' consent.


*Space is limited. If you need to cancel, please contact us as soon as possible, as there is often a waitlist. Cancellations will be refunded with a $50 processing fee, if you notify us in writing within 30 days of January 10, 2020. Refunds will not be given due to winter road conditions, unless your space is able to be filled (minus $50 processing fee). Please plan accordingly.


*Should our event be full, please do not hesitate to join our waitlist by emailing Please include your phone number, as we will notify you as soon as any cancellation occurs.

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