Step into your potency as a leader. 

Its time to stop playing small and embrace your inherent power that comes from within.


Leah Grace, Psychospiritual and somatic therapist 


I make my impact in the world by dedicating my life to helping you make your impact in the world.


To successfully do this I have developed multi-faceted approach combining Strategic Business Coaching with Psychospiritual & Somatic therapy. 


My process, The Sacred State, is offered in a 3 part series.


In addition to running my coaching series, I love facilitating workshops, retreats, breathwork ceremonies, and Individual intensives.


I am also co-founder of The Wellness Collective and Women In Connection Networking group.  

My mission is to empower you to break unconscious survival patterns and connect you to your inner voice, knowing, clarity, wisdom and power that guides you to your authentic potent self. Through releasing trauma, perceptions and beliefs, I want all people to discover their sacred state of alignment. 

What We Can Do Together...

Breath & Bodywork

Book a personal breathwork session and break through barriers through impactful somatic work. 

The Sacred State

 Enter into a dynamic program that gets to the root of your obstacles and brings forth your potency.

Live Event & Retreats

Allow me to share my story of how I created the sacred state and the impact of living in alignment with your body, soul, and mind. 

Welcome to The Sacred State

Through a 3 part process, journey to heal and embrace all aspects of the self - reuniting your mind, body and soul into a sacred state of alignment. 

How We Work Together...

Join a community of soul-led leaders working through The Sacred State process, creating to embody a new way of living. 

A 45 day challenge to

create a foundation

for embodiment. 


A 3-Month program to master your soul connection and embrace your shadows to reclaim your soul. 

8- Month Transformational Business Program for

Soul-led Entrepreneurs.


“Working with Leah Grace was so much more of a deep dive than I ever expected. I walked away with more clarity and direction in my business than ever before. I now have a clear path forward. ”

Melissa Vannette

Self Esteem Coach for Teen Girls


Leah Grace

Psychospiritual and somatic therapist  

With over 20 years of experience, Leah created the Sacred Leadership program to lead conscious entrepreneurs and leaders back to their deepest truths and potential. As a multi-entrepreneur, Leah Grace understands the emotional toll being a leader can take.  Leah longs to see all people step into their truest selves, in order to live out their truest purpose. 

Through combining strategic coaching, neuroscience, breath and somatic work and cutting edge trauma theory,  Leah’s work guides client’s through rapid and effective transformation. As a long standing expert in this work, Leah Grace is dedicated to creating experiences that builds a toolbox that leaders can use the rest of their lives.  

Leah Grace is certified through many coaching and healing schools. If interested in seeing her credentials, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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